5 Wintertime Care Tips for Houseplants

5 Wintertime Care Tips for Houseplants

Winter is here! With the cold weather it’s a good idea to give a little extra thought to your houseplants. Even though seasonal changes may be less dramatic in the home compared to outside in the garden, indoor plants still require different care during the cooler months.

1. Track How Much Sunlight You Receive
Since the sun is rising later and setting sooner, monitor how much sunlight your houseplants are currently receiving. It is almost certainly less than in the spring and summer. Consider using a grow light if the sunlight in your house all but disappears during this time of year.

2. Water Less
With less light, plants will require less water. Adjust your watering schedule by checking to see when your plants begin to dry out. A plant that needed to be watered once a week during summer, may only need water once every two weeks during the wintertime.

3. Limit Fertilizing
With reduced sunlight and less water, plants are not growing as vigorously and do not need as much if any fertilizer during this time of the year.

4. Keep the Temperature Consistent
Plants appreciate consistency. Sudden temperature changes can negatively affect your houseplants. Keep them away from heaters, air vents, and cold air drafts that might sneak into your home.

5. Clean Foliage and Monitor for Pests
Regularly clean the leaves on your indoor plants. Dust can accumulate on houseplants and inhibit their ability to photosynthesize and grow. While cleaning, keep an eye out for pests that might attempt to make your beloved plants their new home. Look under leaves and along stems for spider mites and scale. If you find any trouble makers, Farmington Gardens carries a line of products from Bromide to eliminate pests! Catching issues early will make them easier to treat and ensure your plants stay happy and healthy.

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